We use cotton in some of our products, from cushion covers to tote bags. Cotton is a completely natural fibre, giving it the ability to biodegrade in the environment if it's not recycled. In terms of sustainability this makes it preferable over synthetic materials such as polyester. Polyester fibres are technically PET plastic and are therefore made of fossil fuels and cannot be recycled. Even polyester-cotton blends cannot be recycled. Whereas pure cotton can easily be recycled into fresh yarn.

Furthermore, we increase the sustainability of our cotton products by using organic cotton where we can. For example, our tote bags are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Organic cotton has many more sustainable benefits than conventional cotton. One of these being a reduction in the water needed to grow organic cotton. PE international conducted a study in 2016 on the life cycle of cotton crops and found that organic cotton had a 91% reduction on the consumption of water compared to conventional cotton. 
cotton sustainability - EcoPByLeo
Other than sustainability there are many other properties of cotton that make it superior to other textiles. Some of these Include:
- High colour retention
- High absorbency 
- Breathability
- Hypoallergenic
- Cruelty free